Choose an AMC

AMCs are the source of information and expertise to nonprofit organizations.


Association Management Companies (AMCs) specialize in managing trade associations, professional societies and nonprofit organizations, providing leadership and professional management services through experienced staff, proven practices and shared resources.

AMCs can serve as an organization's headquarters, managing day-to-day operations and providing staff members who are experts in management operational functions. For nonprofit organizations that have a staff in place, AMCs provide a range of consulting services from strategic planning and membership development to communications and advocacy.


The AMC Advantage

  • AMCs provide depth and continuity
  • AMCs provide a wealth of association management experience
  • AMCs manage more than one association, so their experience and knowledge base are broad and substantial
  • AMCs remove all the HR concerns for association boards
  • AMCs maintain a strategic focus
  • AMCs assess staffing needs
  • Enhance your buying power
  • Reduce overhead costs

The AMC Business Model

Benefits to Volunteer Leaders

The role of a volunteer leader is, primarily, to provide counsel and direction to ensure the success of your nonprofit. Today, many volunteer boards look to AMCs to offer management or specialized services. And here's why.

Choosing an AMC to Manage Your Nonprofit:

  • Allows volunteer leaders to concentrate on program and policy — advancing the organization's mission — rather than administrative tasks
  • Provides an affordable, high-level degree of professionalism, management expertise and technology through shared resources
  • Customizes staff activity to meet association needs
  • Maintains continuity of business operations during changes in leadership and staff
  • Provides cost-effective alternatives to association personnel, equipment, technology, facilities and other resource considerations

Top 10 Reasons to Partner with an Association Management Company

10. AMCs serve as headquarters — staff, files and history all live in one place.
9. Free your board of directors to focus on strategic direction rather than tactical issues.
8. Remain in the know with a strong base of institutional knowledge.
7. Stop losing sleep over liability issues.
6. Tap experts and skilled specialists in a variety of functional areas.
5. Access the latest technological advances without all the associated costs.
4. Retain skilled staff members that align with your organization's needs.
3. Stay on top of the latest trends in the association industry.
2. Enjoy enhanced leverage with outside vendors and increased buying power.
1. Say goodbye to HR headaches for good.

*courtesy of AMC Institute

Resources for Choosing An Association Management Company

Traditionally, associations have hired their own executive directors and staff, secured their own facilities and managed their own assets. The trend today, however, is for trade and professional associations to engage an association management company (AMC), which reflects the growing need to reduce costs, promote efficiency, share resources and access expertise.

Although selecting a management company that is right for your association may seem overwhelming, it does not need to be an onerous task. This document was developed to assist you in that process, particularly in regard to soliciting potential AMCs; evaluating management proposals; conducting interviews with firms; selecting the firm that's best for your organization; developing the contractual arrangement and transitioning the activities of your association to its new management. Click here to view the entire article.